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State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC)

State Level Coordination Committee: - Every State/UT Government has been requested to set up a State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) for effective implementation and monitoring of the schemes of the National Trust. The Secretary of the State Government looking after disability affairs is the Chairperson, Commissioner, Persons with Disabilities Vice-Chairman and the respective SNAC is the convenor of the Committee. So far, SLCCs have been constituted in 26 States / Union Territories. SLCCs could not be constituted in the 11 states/. Composition of SLCC is as under:

  1. Secretary Social Welfare - Chairman
  2. Commissioner Disability - Vice Chairman (Depending on Seniority / protocol)
  3. Director, Social Welfare - Member
  4. State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) - Member Secretary
  5. LLC members one from every 10 districts - Members

List of States where State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) is constituted

Sr. No. State
1 Andhra Pradesh
2 Assam
3 Bihar
4 Delhi
5 Gujarat
6 Haryana
7 Himachal Pradesh
8 Jharkhand
9 Kerala
10 Karnataka
11 Madhya Pradesh
12 Meghalaya
13 Manipur
14 Mizoram
15 Nagaland
16 Orissa
17 Punjab
18 Rajasthan
19 Sikkim
20 Tamilnadu
21 Tripura
22 Uttrakhand
23 Uttar Pradesh
24 West Bengal
25 Chandigarh
26 Pondicherry

List of States where State Level Coordination Committee (SLCC) is not constituted

Sr. No. State
1 Arunanchal Pradesh
2 Chattisgarh
3 Goa
4 Maharashtra
5 Telangana
6 Andaman & Nicobar
7 Dadar & Nagar Haveli
8 Daman & Diu
9 Lakshadweep

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