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Registration Process

As per Section 12(1) Any association of persons with disability, or any association of parents of persons with disability or a voluntary organisation whose main objective is promotion of welfare of persons with disability may make an application for registration to the Board.

  • Before one starts filling up the form, please go through it carefully.
  • Check your eligibility, particularly under the National Trust Act and Persons with Disabilities Act. Before applying, get registered under PWD Act if not already registered. The National Trust registration will be generally co-terminus with the registration under PwD Act-1995..
  • Keep ready the following documents
    • Certificate of Registration/ Incorporation under any relevant Act like Societies Registration Act.
    • Certificate of Registration under Persons with Disabilities Act-1995.
    • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
    • Annual Report of the last year
    • Audited Annual Accounts of the last two years
    • Form E for registration under Rule 27(3). All pages duly signed and stamped by authorised signatory.
    • Resolution & Authorisation of the Organisation to file application for registration.
  • Registration Fees is Rs. 2000/- for urban & Rs. 1000/- for rural area. The fee is to be deposited electronically.
  • Enclose all the documents with the on-line application to facilitate expeditious processing.
  • Hard copy of all requisite documents, including duly signed and stamped Form E generated through online process, must be submitted in the National Trust office within seven days of online submission.
  • Please note that in case of any discrepancy found at any later stage between the on-line application and hard copies submitted, the National Trust will be at liberty to cancel/ modify / withdraw its approval. In such a case, the Registration Fees will not be refunded.
  • Please also note that there is no separate provision for re-registration under the National Trust Act. So even in case of re-registration, fresh application with full details and documents alongwith registration fees have to be submitted for Registration. Application for renewal of registration should be submitted to National Trust 6 months prior to expiry of the date of registration under National Trust Act.
  • This is to be known to the Organisations that as per categories mentioned under Section 12(1) of the National Trust Act, applying for registration with National Trust the registration of the organisation should be valid under Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 at the time of application. Generally, the Registration under National Trust Act will be co-terminus with Registration under PwD Act, 1995. 

    Example:- If an Organisation gets registered under National Trust Act on 1/1/2015 and its registration under PwD Act, 1995, is valid till 31/12/2017, the organisation will be considered registered under National Trust Act till 31/12/2017 only. The organisation will be given a further period of six months (grace period) i.e. till 30/6/2018 for submission of valid certificate of registration under Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995. If the same is submitted within six months, the registration will remain valid for the balance period of registration with the National Trust. Otherwise the Registration under National Trust Act will stand cancelled. The Organisation has to apply again afresh for registration under National Trust Act with full information and documents alongwith fee after getting duly registered under PwD Act, 1995.

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