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The National Trust for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.

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Guidelines / Checklist for NGO Registration with the National Trust Print GuidelinesPrint

With immediate effect,there is no need to submit any hard copies of papers/documents for Registration/Renewal of Registration with the national trust. Scanned copy of documents should be uploaded in the online system while applying for Registration/Renewal.

The National Trust registration shall be granted to only those NGOs which are working with persons of disabilities of any one or more than one of following categories:

  • a) Autism
  • b) Cerebral Palsy
  • c) Intellectual Disability
  • d) Multiple Disability, i.e combination of two or more disabilities in a single person

Please read the instructions carefully before filling the online registration form. Scan all the documents in PDF file format and keep ready for uploading.

  • A) Document Related to Registration of the Organization (Scanned Copy in PDF format)

    • - Original complete Memorandum of Association (MOA) or Trust Deed, (Clearly showing the stamp of the Office of Registrar of Societies / Trust)
    • 1. Scanned copy of By Laws of the Organization.
    • 2. Objectives of the organization.
    • 3. Certified list of present Governing Body Members.
    • 4. Certificate of registration under PwD Act 1995 or RPD Act 2016.
    • 5. Copy of Screen shot of NITI Aayog Registration Page from NGO DARPAN Portal. (If any of the above document is in language other than Hindi or English, the translated version of that document in Hindi or English language duly attested by the head of the organization should also be scanned and merged with the original document to create a single PDF file).
  • B) Document Related to Governing Body/ Managing committee/ Managing Trustees

  • 1. PAN and Aadhar Card of each and every member of Governing body/ Managing Committee/ Managing Trustees.
  • 2. In case of PWD member the certificate of Disability.
  • 3. In case of Parent, certificate of Disability of child establishing relation with Governing Body member.
  • 4. An undertaking by the head of the organization (to be generated from the system) stating that neither the organization nor any of the Governing Body/ Managing committee Member/ Trustee is blacklisted by the National Trust / Government of India or State Government. Also no member of the Governing Body was the member/spouse of any of the organization in the past which was blacklisted by the National Trust / Government of India or State Government.
  • 5. All documents to be uploaded should be in pdf format and upto 5 MB each.
  • C) Document Related to Activities of the Organization - Annual Report (only in Hindi or English language) of Activities of the last three years having specific mention of followings:

  • 1. General introductory information about the organization including the main fields of its working.
  • 2. Year wise beneficiaries of National Trust disabilities.
  • 3. Activities done for the National Trust Disabilities beneficiaries.
  • 4. Photographs showing the above activities.
  • (Note: if you are applying in FY 2020-21 then annual report of FY 2019-20, 2018-19 & 2017-18 is must).
  • D) Document Related to Audited Accounts of the Organization (past 2 years)

  • 1. Audited Receipt and Payment statement.
  • 3. Audited Income and Expenditure statement.
  • 3. Audited Balance Sheet.
  • 4. Auditors Report Page duly stamped and signed by the Auditor.
  • 5. PAN card of the Organization. (Note: if you are applying in FY 2020-21 then audited accounts of FY 2019-20 & 2018-19 is must)
  • E) Document Related to Building of the Organization (Building situated at the address mentioned).

  • 1. Sale Deed/ Registered Lease Deed/ Registered Rent Agreement.
  • 2. Ownership proof of the owner in case of Leased or Rented building (Electricity Bill/ Property Tax Receipt/ Sale Deed).
  • 3. Photograph of the Building.
  • F) Document Related to Staff

  • 1). PAN and Aadhar Card of each and every staff member

The following points should carefully be checked while filling the online form:

  • 1. The details of each and every member of Governing Body must be filled along with Aadhar, PAN card no., and category as defined in point no 4.
  • 2. The details of each and every staff must be filled along with Aadhar, PAN, Qualification and designation.
  • 3. After filling all the details the E form shall be generated from the system. The print out of that E form shall be taken and each page shall be stamped and signed by the head of the organization. The scanned copy of the same shall be uploaded in PDF file format by merging all the pages into one file.
  • 4. Please select the correct category of your organization based on criteria given below:
SNCategory of OrganizationCriteria
1Association of Persons with Disabilities (AoPwD) More than 50% Governing Body members should be Person with Disability
2Association of Parents of Persons with DisabilitiesMore than 50% Governing Body members should be Parents of Person with NT Disabilities
3Voluntary OrganizationAll other Organizations do not fall under category 1 & 2

Important Notes:

  • 1. In case of any false information found, the registration of the organization will be immediately cancelled and the organization will be blacklisted.
  • 2. After submitting of the online form, if any modification is requested by National Trust , the same must be complied immediately and positively within 60 days from the date of the modification request failing which the application will be rejected and the processing fee will be forfeited. (Please keep on checking regularly on your login page for modification request)
  • 3. Once the application of registration is rejected, the NGO can reapply only after 6 months and will have to pay the processing fee again.
We have read all the guidelines/checklist above mentioned and we have agreed.