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Susanta a motor garage mechanic


Susanta is the first male child of the parents namely Mrs. Tapasini & Nanda Kumar Jogadila of Bhatara in the pocket of Sambalpur city. He was born on 13th August 1982. He was enrolled for receiving services of Veer Surendra Sai Institute for Mentally Handicapped on 3rd December 1995. He is a child having Autism Spectrum Disorder, having speech and hearing problem. His parents were very much depressed taking the child’s condition and his future. It was quite a new experience both for professionals and institution because there was no child having Autism Spectrum Disorder and there was no specially trained teacher in the field here.

However, this challenge was taken by us and systematic assessment and training are great help to develop the child. All the programes were designed based on games, dances, music etc. He is fond of music. He started stepping with the musical nodes and reacts positively to music and dances. Special care was taken for him and his parents were advised to send the child to Sunday Dance school.

He is trained to write his name,address , letters, arithmetic, functional academic activities, time, transport etc. His abnormal behaviors are managed and modified in due course of training. He is well in sports activities and he has pocketed many medals in Dance and sports. His name was sponsored for Red Cross Award in the year 2003 for his successes in his endeavours.

Then systematic planning, has made the child to be rehabilitated in the community, and to lead a normal life. As the child his interest in mechanical field, Parents were advised to arrange one two wheeler garage in the vicinity of their home .At Dhanupali of Sambalpur city a garage “Jay Santoshi Maa Motor Cycle Garage “ was arranged for the training purpose. After training for three years in the garage, Susant proved himself a competent two wheeler mechanic. He got married and blessed with a girl child. He leads a normal life.

Posted on : 2016-09-23

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