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Bharat: Story of Success and Self Determination

Bharat, M, 41years old, is an example of sheer will power and optimism. He was born in Rishikesh, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Bachan Singh. Both his parents had leprosy and lived in a colony. Bharat’s milestones were delayed. He went to school, but as he could not cope with his studies, he was brought to Raphael. Bharat has mild Cerebral Palsy. He lived in Raphael’s residential facility since the age of 11. He has the ability to work. He always wanted to do something and to be engaged in meaningful activity. He was given the chance to observe various work opportunities in the centre and he showed interest in doing the activities of an office peon. Therefore, he was given training to help in office work. He has also participated in Special Olympics and won prizes at the individual level. Today Bharat can do the following office tasks:

Filing and indexing Arranging books, office material in an organized manner Cleaning the office tables, computers, chairs and other furniture Transferring files from one department to the other in the same organization

Operates photocopy machine, Xeroxing Distribute papers and books to various departments Entering book numbers in the library card Setting papers for file and pinning Getting tea for staff, serving water He uses the mouse and navigates through programmes on computer, switches on and off the computer Makes sure that all lights and computers are switched off, locks the doors at the time of closing the department. Never says no to any work given by any person in the centre

His employer says: Bharat is regular and punctual Does not sit idle Wants to learn more skills Bharat is cooperative and caring He is fond of reading the newspaper, solving puzzles, doing word search. His co-workers have great regard for Bharat.

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Posted on : 2016-09-15

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