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Mandatory requirement of UDID card no./Enrollment No. with copy of disability certificate and Aadhar No. for availing benefits under the Schemes of the National Trust namely Disha, Vikas, Disha cum Vikas, Samarth, Gharaunda, Samarth cum Gharaunda and Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme.

Please refer to the webinar organised on 2nd March 2023 on the above subject wherein all are informed about these mandatory requirements for availing benefits under various schemes w.e.f 1st April 2023. In continuation we are also informing the developments so that the organisations can collect the information from beneficiaries for filling in the application forms related to various schemes as stated above:-
All applications filled for Niramaya Health Insurance Scheme whether new case or renewal case UDID Card No. is essential. In case of non-availability of UDID Card No., UDID Enrolment No. (Taken from UDID portal) alongwith Disability Certificate is to be filled.
Aadhar Details are also required to be filled for every beneficiary, though not mandatory right now but will be shortly done. The Mobile Number of Beneficiary is required to be added in the application, number of organisation registering the beneficiary should not be filled wherein Mobile No. of Beneficiary is sought.
All the organisations are requested to collect these information so that when the System is opened inviting applications, the same can be done smoothly. It is pertinent to mention here that the next policy year for Health Insurance Coverage will start by 1st April 2023, therefore all records should be kept ready for speedy filling of applications in the system.