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Important Note For Board Election of the National Trust for Voluntary Organisation

Important Note For Board Election of the National Trust


All the National Trust Registered Organisations (Registered up to 11-10-2018 only) under the category of Voluntary Organisation :-        

1. The Invitation Letter along with Form 1 (Nomination form) & Assent form by person nominated and Form 2 (Notice of Withdrawal of Candidate) has been sent on 12-10-2018 to all the Registered Organisations Mentioned above.

2.The Registered Organisations are requested to Nominate one person only and choose only one sub Category for which the Nominated Person will contest the election as per format provided which is stamped also by The Returning Officer. The invitation letter sent to the ROs along with the schedule of the election is at Annexure A.  PDF File  [2.44 MB] The nomination form should be sent to the National Trust on or before 25th November, 2018 (5.00 PM) through Speed Post only.

3. Click here to view the list of valid (upto 11.10.2018) Registered Organisations Annexure B PDF File  [(file not found)]

4. If any Registered Organisation does not find its Name in the list and have valid Registration Certificate of the National Trust Registration as on 31-07-2018, please immediately send the scan copy of National Trust Registration Certificate on the Email id:- and also contact our Phone Number -011-431787804/ 822/ 824/ 828. The Returning Officer will take the decission in this regard and issue the Notice, Form 1 & Form 2 to the eligible Registered Organisation.

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