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Decisions of the Board in the 77th Board Meeting held on 20.3.2018

As per the 77th Board meeting held on 20.3.2018 following decisions have been taken:

  1. No new sanction under any scheme of the National Trust shall be made till further decision of the Board or a sub-committee constituted especially for this to take a decision. However, this will not be applicable for North Eastern States and for the ROs implementing old GHARAUNDA Scheme. The revised Gharaunda Scheme is to be sanctioned in order to adjust the old GHARAUNDA Scheme into revised Gharaunda Scheme, as per the plan already approved by the Board. This will also not be applicable for awareness programmes on Inclusive India Initiative, organized under Badhte Kadam Scheme on direction of the National Trust.


  1. The ROs will be allowed to implement only one type of scheme i.e. Day Care (Disha-cum-Vikaas Scheme) or Residential Care (Samarth-cum-Gharaunda Scheme). This will be applicable for the existing scheme holders also. The ROs implementing multiple schemes should be asked to opt either for Day Care or Residential Scheme.


  1. For pending release of fund for the current year (2017-18) for centre based schemes namely Disha, Vikaas, Samarth and Gharaunda, the National Trust shall fund for BPL beneficiaries subject to maximum of 50% of the total batch size of the schemes. Rate  of funding will be revised as per details given under-


Sl. No.


Present rate per benf.

Revised Rate per benf.

Maximum No. of BPL benef to be funded



4,500+(1000 transport)















3850+ (1000 transport)




However, rate of funding under Gharaunda Scheme remains same in case of those project holders who had been sanctioned old Gharaunda scheme, till the fund released under Old Gharaunda scheme is adjusted with the monthly recurring fund of the revised Gharaunda scheme, by deducting 50% of the total admissible recurring fund for adjustment. After the adjustment of the fund, the project holder will start receiving monthly fund as per the revised rate i.e. Rs.5000/- per beneficiary, per month.


  1. For pending release of fund for the current year (2017-18) for Sahyogi Scheme



Existing Set up Cost

Existing rate / stipend per Trainee / RO

Revised Set up Cost

Revised rate / stipend per Trainee / RO

Sahyogi (Caregiver training scheme)


1) Trainee cost (Primary- 4,200  & Advanced –Rs. 8000)

2) Trainee stipend (Primary-5,000 & Advanced-10,000)


1)Trainee cost                

( Primary- 2,000  & Advanced –Rs. 3000)

2) Trainee stipend (Primary-3,000 & Advanced-5,000)


  1. For the financial year 2018-19, in case of implementation of multiple schemes by a RO, the two schemes namely Disha and Vikaas will be merged as a single scheme namely Disha-cum-Vikaas. Similarly, Samarth and Gharaunda will be merged in a single scheme namely Samarth-cum-Gharaunda. Details of the structure of these schemes will be as under :






Existing Scheme


Revised Structure


Set up cost (Rs.)

Monthly Recurring fund (Rs.)

Set up cost (Rs.)

Monthly Recurring fund (Rs.)

Staff required


Disha (Early Intervention & School Readiness Scheme)

1.55 lakh



Vikaas Scheme


(batch size 40)


1.55 lakh


(plus conveyance @ Rs.500/- p.m. per eligible bnf.) upto maximum for 30 BPL benef. Ratio condition will remain same as per the guidelines.

(1) Early Intervention Therapist /

OT/ PT  :       any two


(2) Sp Educator /

Voc Trainer :   any One


(3)  Counsellor : 

3 times a week


(4) Caregiver :   02


(5) Aaya        :   02


Vikaas (Day Care for 10+ years Scheme)

1.95 lakh



Samarth (Respite Care Residential Scheme)

2.90 lakh


Samarth-cum Gharaunda (Residential Care) Scheme


(Batch size 30)


1.90 lakh

Rs. 5,000/-

upto maximum for 20 BPL benef.

(1) OT   :    01

(2) PT         :    01

(3) Sp Educator /

Voc Trainer  :   any One

(4) Caregiver :  03

(5) Aaya        :  02

(6)Cook        :  01



Gharaunda (Group Home for Adults)

2.90 lakh



Niramaya (Health Insurance Scheme)                                     same as it is



Sahyogi (Caregiver training scheme)

1.00 lakh

1)Trainee cost   

(Primary- 4,200  & Advanced –Rs. 8000)

2) Trainee stipend (Primary-5,000 & Advanced-10,000)



1)Trainee cost                 ( Primary- 2,000  & Advanced –Rs. 3000)

2) Trainee stipend (Primary-3,000 & Advanced-5,000)


Gyan Prabha (Educational support)




Scheme closed as similar scheme is being implemented by DEPwD, M/O SJE


 Prerna (Marketing Assistance)




Scheme to be revised


Sambhav (Aids and Assisted Devices)

1 lakh



Scheme to be revised


Badhte Kadam (Awareness,  Community Interaction and Innovative  Project)




Only 1 program to each RO in a financial year


  1. From the financial year 2018-19, for the existing scheme holders (ROs), implementing single schemes from the four centre based schemes, namely Disha, Vikaas, Gharaunda and Samarth, the funding pattern will be as follows :


                               (a). The monthly recurring fund will be Rs.3000 + Rs.500 (transport allowance) per beneficiary, per month, under Disha and Vikaas Schemes and Rs.5000/- per beneficiary, per month under Gharaunda and Samarth Schemes.

(b)The number of beneficiaries will remain same as in the scheme guidelines i.e. Disha – 20, Vikaas – 30, Gharaunda – 20 and Samarth – 30.


(c )       The maximum number of BPL beneficiary funded by National Trust will be limited to 20 BPL beneficiaries for Disha & Vikaas Schemes & and 15 BPL benef. for Samarth & Gharaunda Schemes.

(d)        In no case, the ROs will be sanctioned more than one scheme at a time. 

            This is issued with the prior approval of the competent authority of the Board of the National Trust.”



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